Original Concept & Direction: Jeff Watson

Current Game Master

Simon Wiscombe

Previous Game Master(s)

2011, 2012: Jeff Watson

Game Design

Designers: Jeff Watson, Simon Wiscombe, and Tracy Fullerton


Producer: Holly Willis
Coordinator: Gabriel Peters-Lazaro


Course design and instruction: Tara McPherson
Teaching Assistants: Rosemary Cornella, Jeanne Jo, Susana Ruiz, Laila Sakr


Graphic Designer: Matt Manos

Printer: Phipps Dickson Integria

Writers & Layout Crunchers: Kiki Benzon, Carly Kuhn, Joshua McVeigh-Schultz Jeremy Novick, Maddie Renov, Elizabeth Swenson


Server Wizard: Willy Paredes

2012 Revamp
Code, Implementation: Sabra Design
Layout: Simon Wiscombe and Sabra Design

Original Site
Code and Implementation: Jeff Watson
Database Consultant: Jacob Boyle

Assessment & Documentation

Benjamin Stokes, Gabriel Peters-Lazaro

Game Runners

Lead Game Runners: Will Cherry, Michael Effenberger, Sam Sandweiss
with Ben Chance, Miranda Due, Michael Onorati, Dylan Disvikis

Lead Game Runner: Anna Lotko
with Gabriel Peters-Lazaro

Game Office

Artifact donors: Steve Anderson, Jed Dannenbaum, Dino Everett (Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive), Perry Hoberman

Flags and Everthing Else Cool: Haley Moore

Future Committee

Steve Anderson, Jed Dennenbaum, Tracy Fullerton, Jeremy Gibson, Eric Hanson, Perry Hoberman, David Isaacs, Virginia Juhn, Barnet Kellman, Tara McPherson, Mike Patterson, Michael Peyser, Mary Sweeney, Holly Willis

Alumni Outreach

Ann Spurgeon, Justin Wilson, Kyle Ackerman

Special Thanks

John August, Jenova Chen, Mike Fink, Henry Jenkins, Elan Lee, Erin Levy, Frank Lantz, Steve Peters, Kellee Santiago, John Singleton, Dante Spinotti

Extra-special thanks to Donald Brinkman and Microsoft Research Connections for ongoing funding and support.